Ish My Dad Says: White Castle

A convo I had with my dad:

Dad: “I’m gonna have to come up to White Castle when I visit you in New York. I miss it.”

Me: “I can’t eat White Castle dad.”

Dad: “Why???”

Me: Because it puts me on the toilet.”

Dad: “It puts everyone on the toilet…why do you think they call their burgers sliders?”

Me: “…Whatttt?”

Dad: That’s where they got the name sliders from.”

Me: *dead* “No it isn’t dad!!! Wait, what…are you serious? ILLL..” *lmao*

Dad: “It’s true my darling.”


Needless to say, my gullible behind looked up “sliders” afterwards, and Wikipedia said my dad was wrong……so disappointing. I won’t tell him though.

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  1. Dad’s are never wrong. Sometimes mistaken but, never wrong. It’s a mid-western legend that sliders send you to the toilet.
    As Always L.U.M your Dad.


  2. So you won’t eat White Castle because it puts you on the toilet, yet you will eat McDonalds!?! #somethingaintright #c’monson #smh #dobetter :p


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