Ish My Dad Says: Breakfast Talk


My dad at breakfast: Do you want some grits?

Me: Dad, you know I don’t like grits.

Dad: I didn’t know that… So how do you go to the grits place and not eat grits?

Me: What grits place?

Dad: I don’t know Avia… some place called “Grits and something…”

Me (racking my brain trying to figure out what in the world he could be talking about): I’ve never gone to any place like that.

My mom (yelling from the other room):  Avia! He means Grits and Biscuits!

Sometimes I love how “woke” my mom is when it comes to my trivial affairs. Her commentary always comes at the most unexpected times, but it’s always on time.

For all that are completely and utterly unaware of what Grits and Biscuits is, please click here.

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