Video Of The Day: What Happens When Rihanna Sings A Cappella

It’s 420 y’all!

I mean, really, I could care less but I digress…

So in honor of Rihanna’s favorite non-holiday, I figured I’d dedicate this video to all of her fans:

To the millions of Navy subscribers…..This is YOUR girl….Badgalriri.

This is the one y’all use your 10 seconds of Snapchat fame to lip sync to in the car…..the one y’all look to fah dem tracks dem fiyah (“like brrap brrap brrap” *gunfingers*)

Take a close listen at the video below and tell me if Rih chose her current ANTI tour to experiment and showoff how she really sounds a cappella, would you still spend a month’s worth of gas money to be in the audience?

Would she still be your fave?

If there’s anything this video has taught me, it’s that the only thing worse than Robyn’s constant half assed dancing and whining is her wailing singing sans background vocals and a beat. Maaaaaybe, just mayyyyybe Miss Fenty needs to be taking cue from her fans by lip syncing to her own tracks….I mean Lordt, when is Andra Day going to start singing pop?

Or even taking cue from her finger tat could suffice…


Welp, at least at the end of the day, we can still count on Drake to sound legit. #WheelchairJimmyNeverLetUsDown



P.S. This video is a PARODY people! So to the Navy: You can kindly miss me with the BS.

P.P.S. But I meant everything I said about her half assed dance moves…chick needs some Laurieann Gibson in her life STAT.


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