Thirty B4 Thirty: Day 12- Ish My Dad Says: Tweeting


A tweet from the @shitmydadsays account, the inspiration behind these posts.


As I’ve gotten older, there’s been some sort of role reversal between my parents and I. When I was a younger, they’d always laugh about the little clever things I used to say due to my child intellect. And though they still laugh at ish I say to this day (not to toot my own horn, but I can be humorous sometimes, lol), I’ve noticed that I laugh at the things they say now, more than ever before. I find myself thinking ‘my parents say the darndest things’…. Whether they start convos about rap, celebrities, pop culture, or other trivial current events, they never cease to amaze me with their opinions and knowledge about things I’d never think they’d pay attention to.

So from time to time, you may see a few “Ish My Dad Says” posts like this one here, with convos that strike me as funny. I got the inspiration from the Twitter account, @shitmydadsays , that actually turned into a book. These posts are more for my own reference, just to have a documentation of memories. Because as our parents get older, we should cherish the memories we have with/of them, and be grateful for them while they are still here. But if you find them funny too, even better. And not to worry, my mom has her moments too from time to time. So I’m sure I’ll be giving her shine as well.:- )


My Dad: So are you going to tweet your sister and ask her about her new car?

Me: You mean text her.

D: Oh, what happened to Twitter….it doesn’t exist anymore?

M: Nah it does, but you meant to ask me if I’d text her, not Tweet… Tiffany doesn’t have Twitter anyways.

D: Oh okay. You know… I was one of the first people to be on Twitter.

M: *chuckling* What?!? *bursts out laughing*

D: What’s so funny?

M: Nothing dad, it’s just what you said…

D: I was! I was one of the first. I had 120 people following me and I never tweeted anything!


Let’s keep in mind folks, that my dad doesn’t even text, so you can imagine why I was wondering what he was doing with a Twitter account…

DAY 12

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  1. I love these convos! #parents


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