5 Reasons Why Singles Have It Better On Valentine’s Day

Today is the day:


Today is the day where you might have told yourself to stay off social media.

Today is the day where your facebook timelines will be flooded with pictures and videos of your coupled up friends in their couple selfies (couplies?) on their way to their exciting dates and surprise weekend getaways.

Today is the day your Instagram feed will be infiltrated by close ups of red roses, wrapped gifts, and even engagement ring pics accompanied by gushy captions and heart emojis galore.


And if it hasn’t already, it will be in 5….4…..3….2…..1…

While February 14th is known in the calendars and to couples across America as Valentine’s Day, it’s etched into the minds of us singles everywhere as “Single Awareness Day” a la the day to avoid. It’s as if the daily run of the mill reminders from our peers of us being single and them being attached were not enough, that the heavens (or hell) had to give us ONE. MORE. DAY to separate the “haves” from the “have nots”.

Let me guess, you told yourself you were going to go into extreme sulk mode today. Today you actually considered sitting in your bathtub fully clothed in black, letting icy cold water run inside it til it overflowed onto the bathroom floor, in hopes it’d wash your feelings of lonliness away.

“It’s okay, it’s just water,” you’d tell your miserable self…. You can spend all of the President’s Day holiday you have off cleaning it up.


You can’t go down like that! Don’t despair. Before you decide to shut the blinds and sit in the dark blasting “I Need Love” on repeat, take a look at the below. In no particular order I will outline all the positives of being solo dolo on this wretched, wretched day.

Me Myself and I– You can spend the day being completely and utterly selfish. You can do what YOU want without having to worry about how anyone else is affected.

Stress? What Stress?- Worrying about having to top what you did last Valentine’s day is not even a thought. Because of this, on a scale of 1 to 10 your stress level is at a SOLID -1. And to the men: I know you guys are always left with the burden of making Valentine’s day special for you and your boo. Guess what? Not today…. not today. Look here for further reassurance.

F*ck Up Some Commas–  I’m sorry what was that Future? Yeah us single people don’t have to worry about laying a single finger on our bank accounts today.


With no significant other to go out with, us ladies can save that $200 salon/mani/pedi/wax prepwork money for the date, and you gents can save that $700 Louboutin gift money, or $1200 all inclusive-weekend-trip-to-the-Bahamas money for more important things. Yes, us singles will be more financially responsible around this time by default, and we ain’t even mad at it.

No Pressure– There’s always this internal pressure on both genders to make this day perfect. And silent expectations are the devil, but are in full effect today. The need to have the impeccable outfit, dinner reservations at the favorite place, alluring lingerie, mood, and ambiance just for coloring (gawd I’m getting exhausting even typing about it), is at a all time high. And if things don’t go as perfectly as planned? Couples have to chalk up the L, and deal with aftermath of said L, while dealing with the loss of money, time, and energy in the process. #AintNoSinglesGotTimeForDat

Cliche? Nah Bih– All in all, this is one less day you have to participate in just because Hallmark told you to.  By default you get to go against the grain of what everyone else is doing. Use today to revel in getting to be your own person while the rest of the coupled up world’s actions are completely ran by societal norms and expectations.

And if your spirits aren’t lifted from those 5 reasons alone? I don’t know what to tell ya..

I kid, I kid…I wouldn’t do y’all like that. Need more reassurance about it all? Take a look here.

Remember: Keep your heart 3 stacks, keep your heart… Now go put that black outfit on (minus the bathwater), go out, and run a muck with your single friends. Paint the town red bih! You are too fly for V-Day sulking, and dont you EVER forget it.


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