Two Reasons Why I Won’t Make My Future Boyfriend Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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I’ve already decided. I’m not going to make my future boyfriend celebrate Valentine’s Day.

*I can hear the round of applause from my gentleman readers now*

Sooo….let me explain my two reasons why.

Firstly, my birthday is at the tail end of November. What’s the big deal, you ask? Well, think about it. I would suspect that there would be some sort of celebration and/or gift giving to me on his behalf for that day.  Then, three and a half weeks later, it’s Jesus’ birthday. And you know we all get presents for Jesus’ birthday…..

So then comes January- the month of recuperation. Now for him, it would be recuperation from all the possible holiday traveling, and financial recuperation from all the gift expenses from the course of the past couple months. Then right when he recuperates, two weeks into February comes Valentine’s Day to put him back in the hole again….because who knows? He may feel the urge to “top what he did last year”, which ensues more gifts, trips, dinner, etc….the whole nine…which seems nice. But for me?

Ain’t nobody got time fah dat. Really….that’s alot of money to be spent in a short amount of time.

Secondly, I’m not trying to be the Scrooge of Valentine’s Day (even though I probably am), but there’s so many other commercialized made up holidays that I as an American make the decision to partake in, that second to Halloween, Valentine’s Day to me, is the least important.

I honestly just feel like on V-Day, there is just so much pressure placed on men to come through in the clutch. And while I have a few girl friends that buy their boyfriends presents that day, when it really comes down to it, I wholeheartedly believe it’s the woman’s holiday, aka the “Let’s see how much my boyfriend really loves and cares bout me?” day. And pardon me if that sounds sexist, but how many women do you hear gushing about where they are taking their man out for dinner?…Or bragging about the weekend trip they completely financed for their boo? Yes, some of us females spice up the special day in our own ways. But from what I’ve seen, women in all relationship levels (especially this one), love to place this unspoken expectation on their men to do the most on V-day just because American society tells us too.

And though I’m sure some of y’all would love to play devil’s advocate and challenge me on all the other subjectively pointless rituals American society tells us to uphold our standards to, save that argument for another day. Because a huge part of me believes that my dislike of Valentine’s Day is due to that very reason. We have all these other designated days for love and gifts, such as the birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s/Father’s day (if you have kids), that one more contrived day such as V-Day, can just take people over the edge.

I know some of you have been sitting here reading this post like “Whatever Avia, I don’t believe you. You know daggone well you would not turn down gifts from your boo on Valentine’s Day“….

You are damn skippy I would not. I’d be boldface lying to you if I said I wouldn’t appreciate him choosing to go out his way for me on that day.

BUT…I would not expect it nor request it. If anything, I’d express my thoughts about this ahead of time and see where we stand on the matter. Even if we just agreed to spend quality time on that day without the hoopla, I’d be good.

Because the way that I see it, my man and I will have 364 other days to show how much we love each other. And for me, what happens on any one of those other days will always trump what happens on the popular day everyone chooses to celebrate their love…..

…Okay but for real…the real question is: Why are y’all letting me sit here rambling on about a situation that has yet to happen??

Oh gosh how “lucky” of me! I don’t have to worry about not celebrating Valentine’s Day, because…welp.. I don’t have a man to “not celebrate it” with. 😦

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  1. Good points here. I’d rather not rain on the parade of those that celebrate 2/14…but for me, if/when I have a woman with whom to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I’d rather have that 365.26-day love….I used to hate this particular observance until I sat back and observed…now I realize it’s just another day. Hopefully my future lady will agree.


    • Yeah I definitely didn’t mean to rain on any parades with this one lol. One thing I’ve noticed being single is that what people in relationships around me are going through, becomes even more apparent to me…which in turn definitely helps me to reflect on what I would/wouldn’t want in my next relationship. While I was in past relationships, I remember the small level of stress I’d feel when Valentine’s Day would come around..and I’m a female. And being a female I know we have expectations for holidays, so for me if I was feeling it, I couldn’t imagine what my boyfriend was going through,lol. I think my situation is a bit different since V-day is so close to my bday too…maybe if it was in July, my opinion would be different:- )


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