The 7 Reasons I Love Webbie

It’s not his music.

I swear there are too many damn quotables from these Breakfast Club interviews to even recall….(and if you ain’t up on their hilarious interviews, then at least start with the ones below, then work your way to the others here). Trust and believe you will thank me later.

But before you watch, here’s the seven reasons why I love Webbie:

  1. His jumbled southern accent makes it hard to understand him, but with some thorough use of my ears I can still comprehend him.  I’d still love to see his interviews with subtitles anyways, just to see how crazy the words would be spelled, lol.
  2. He has the perfect balance between answering questions in a real political way, while still being candid. Most celebrities actually don’t have this trait, as it’s hard to come by.
  3. The dude is so random. He takes over the interview with his erratic stories, which makes him entertaining as hell. If he had a reality tv show I’d watch.
  4. I can’t tell if he’s really dumb or really smart. So I guess me having that confusion is the  proof that he may be smart….right?…Lol…..Or maybe it’s proof that I’m dumb..
  5. He always tells kids to stay in school…And I think he’s one rapper who actually means it.
  6. He’s one rapper who is only concerned about what he’s involved in (or maybe he’s just really far removed from the industry). He has no time or interest in rap beef or gossip. The fact that he doesn’t know who Kendrick Lamar is, is semi-shocking but endearing at the same time.
  7. He has a “hood calm” about him. He’s chill for the most part, but I can tell he knows how to get rowdy in the streets and have a blast when the time calls for it. He’s the perfect hilarious, friend in my head.

Interview from July with the Breakfast Club

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