Twerkin’ By The Milk

I’ve had the “pleasure” of discovering this young lady about a month ago while looking on a friend’s Vine line. She goes by the name of Caramel Kitten. And Mama she’s made it! Chick has over 3 milli views on YouTube, so you know her future is bright. So if you haven’t seen her before because you’re so focused on this government shutdown, then I’m so sad you’re late like me, but glad to put you up on game:

I. JUST. SIMPLY. CANNOT. Really, this should have been posted in my SMH section but my friends and I get a laugh EVERY. SINGLE. TIME we reference this mess. This chick said “Twerking by the beer…at Walmart…uh…..uh…uh…uh”

Please run that tape back and peep Miley Cyrus’ inspiration at the 1:46 mark…

Sooo….ummm…….hmmmmn……..<sigh> So um where are all the customers? I know she mentioned a child in the ice cream section but that didn’t seem to stop her. And being as it had to be a Super Walmart (only Super Walmarts carry bacon and pet fish), we know daggone well the store wasn’t empty.

Secondly, why does this chick twerk so effortlessly? She twerks as good as I breathe and I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little jealous.

And why does chick look like she might’ve just left Vacation Bible School? She must’ve left her cover up in the car. I doubt she was mid-running errands when she decided to do this, but shid, heck if I know.

But hey, if you’re intreeged, feel free to watch here for all the other everyday people places she twerks at….like the subway, bus stop, and <gasp> the library! Her twerking is so good there’s even a video of her getting arrested for it.

Enjoy, you little heathens!

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