Back To The Vault You Go

Soo ladies and gentlemen, the close of 2013 is approaching soon, and with the end of the year must come the end of some trends that have been oh so prominent. There are two things in particular that have taken over 2013, that to me are on their way to expiring, and need to be placed back into the vault, like soon.

Unfortunately I am not talking Air Force 1’s and overalls…Though as much as my 15 year old self cherished them, they do need to be buried deep, deep back into the abyss of the earth. I’m talking two key phrases that the media have made too popular for their own good.

The first is:



Yes, I’m fully aware A$AP Rocky loves them and that’s his effin problem. But my effin problem is this term, that to me, shouldn’t have gotten as popular as it did. I’ve been called it before, and I guess I should’ve been flattered?? But instead I felt weird. Like dudes everywhere are getting an ultimate pass for calling girls b*tches just because they put “bad” in front of it, and all of a sudden it’s worked it’s way up to become the crème de la crème of compliments. What was ever wrong with calling a girl just bad? Or fine? Or beautiful……(wait never mind that one).

I don’t care if 2 Chainz  slinked up to me with his 8-foot Rapunzel-let-down-his-locks, slothy self and told me I was first place in the bad b*tch contest, I’d still feel some type of way. Maybe I’m completely off (and please comment if I am), but I have a feeling if I was a victim cast member on “The Bad Girls Club” or someone who already referred to my girl friends as b*tches, then this wouldn’t be a concern.  But I’m not. So I call it– this term needs to be extinct in 2014.

And the second phrase that needs to kill itself like TONIGHT is: “Turn Up”


I know, I know, some of you that are reading this are like “Avia, everyone uses this…This saying is hot, and will stay hot…so nah.” But mark my words, the allure of turn up will be diminished (though it has already) come January. Sooo, to explain this is how I see it:

When the harsh winter month of December comes, less and less people will be going out to party because they’ll be so caught up inside sipping hot toddies, Netflixing, and coloring with their cuffing buddies to be going out to turn up. Yes people, there will FINALLY be a reason to turn down…how about some 10 degree weather (y’all that have an actual Winter feel me)?? So by the time Spring 2014 approaches, turn up will become extinct based off the sheer lack of it being used in the four months prior. All forms of turn up will be included in this extinction, such as: turning up, turnt up, turnt, all the way turnt up, turn down for what? etc. Maybe it will be replaced by a new term like “getting hype” or some ish, who knows?….And you can laugh at my theory all you want to, but I’m claiming it!

What do you feel are sayings that should become extinct for 2014?

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  1. Turn up will not die by January. People in the west coast and in the south will still be able to use the term just enough from Nov-March to keep it alive. But I would LOVE to see the term yolo DIE DIE DIE DIE!! Waaay too many ppl use it and they wore it out! It’s even on a plethora of different t-shirts now. Plus, bad decisions can come back to haunt you in a real way. Somebody should do a study that shows how many people said “yolo” right before doing something that resulted in jail time, job loss or the end of a great relationship…..swag.


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