Cuffing Season? It’s For The Birds

katt cuff

I was going back and forth in my mind about writing a post on “Cuffing Season”. According to the world, this past weekend marked the end of single season, and my Instagram and Facebook feeds have been brimming with memes (like the above) and hash tags #cuffingseason #draft picks #areyouready?

And the answer is no I’m not ready. It was only last year when I was leaving a BBQ overhearing people saying “Summer’s over so you know cuffing season is coming!” It was my first time ever hearing of such a thing and I honestly thought they were joking. No, I wasn’t acting brand new lol. Blame my naivety on being in the long term relationship I had just gotten out of. Taken people don’t pay attention to single people’s problems and even if they did, they can only sympathize. So the words “cuffing season” were as foreign to me as Cantonese.

BUT I had just become one of those single people. And quickly I learned what cuffing season was: a CONTRIVED (key word: contrived) way of finding a sole relationship-esque cut cuddle buddy for the Fall and Winter months only to ditch (or keep them?) in the Spring.

Umm so yeah, that part still confuses me. Some people think cuffing season’s purpose is to gain an official boo by the time the weather heats up. But last time I checked once the weather gets nice, people usually want to be single as a slice of Kraft and go out and mingle…right?

On the flipside, others say that Spring marks the cease of all cuffing. And if that’s the case, how exactly do you go about dropping your cuff-ee by the waist side? Assuming that the cuffing sitch is more of an unspoken understanding between you and the other person (as opposed to a verbal agreement), I’d think it’d be hard to have any discussion at the beginning of the season post “drafting” your girl/guy of choice, where rules & guidelines, and Spring expectations are explained. But then again there’s this funny thing I found on IG:

cuff app

No one in their right mind would take this mock application seriously, but it’s interesting. While this bootleg document’s main concern is whether you’re signing up for “Roman” noodles (wow never had those…they must’ve meant Ramen?) or a full Italian cuisine, it doesn’t dare to touch on the subject of handling post cuffing season– which to me would hold just as much importance as the person you are choosing to cuff.

Problemo numero uno: According to the official cuffing calendar below, now’s the time for people to add texting their cuff-ee of choice to their daily routine. Lol I’m sorry but if you weren’t checking for me before, I’m going to know what’s up when all of a sudden you decide to pop up all over my phone.

Problemo numero dos: There’s absolutely no question that a certain level attachment forms over the span of cuffing season. You are “hanging out” (the most vague and mis-used term in dating) with one person consistantly. You are getting to know them intimately -on a mental and most likely physical level. Then the two most major family holidays of the year occur during this period. And as a result sparks the question: Should you invite your cuff-ee home with you? Negative. Why would you introduce David or Alexis to your mom if you don’t plan on keeping them around once March Madness hits? It just doesn’t add up to me.

bees be like cuff

 (Awwww c’mon Katt, that’s a little harsh don’t you think, lol)

Problemo numero tres: I am not the type of girl that needs a warm body near just because its cold outside. And to really keep it 100, based off my summer experiences, most dudes I’ve interacted with haven’t shown that they know or have the ability to put in the work to keep my interest for me to even consider them as a “candidate” (this I will touch on in another blog post).

So this brings me to the conclusion that cuffing season is not meant for someone like me. Temporary and/or seasonal satisfaction, doesn’t float my boat. I pride myself on being consistant….so I am either going to consistantly explore my options, or consistantly invest into one situation.

What do you all think? What have been your experiences with cuffing season? And will you be participating this year?

For anyone who is uninformed like I was last year, or for those who are hiding under a rock, click here for the FULL SCOPE of cuffing season, and see the calendar below.


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