Burger King Says “Have It Your Way!”


Breaking news!!!!! Burger King is “stepping their game up” with their menu and have decided to add the $1 French Fry Burger to their Value Menu!! Wow, props to you, Burger King, for selling a premade version of something I’ve been doing since I was 10!! Now I don’t have to buy fries separately, I can just rely on you to place them on my sandwich just the way you think I like them. <Phew> My life is now easier because of you and I humble myself to thank you for allowing me to have it my way.

But all sarcasm aside….really? This is their “new” product? The big whigs must’ve seriously been high out their minds on whatever Miley Cyrus was smoking pre-VMA’s to think of what more they could add to smash Mickey D’s mighty wings their competition. Thanks Burger King for such an innovative idea. You doing this is like Christopher Columbus “discovering” America. Hey, while you’re at it here’s some more new products you can put on the Value Menu, that clearly for some odd reason no one has never done:

1. salad with the dressing already on it

2. soft drinks with the pre-poked straw in the lid

3. or how about chicken tenders with the sauce cooked inside? (um actually nix this one)

That brings up a thought…BK how come you didn’t create a cheeseburger with chicken tenders on it and just call it the Chicken Tender Cheeseburger? That idea sounds like it took an ounce more thought than this ish you’re coming up with…

And, while you’re worried about your competitors in the burger arena, who you really need to be checkin’ for is Popeye’s Chicken Waffle Tenders. I had those joints yesterday, and surprisingly so, they were interesting in a good way….just a tad better than Amy Ruth’s actual chicken and waffles. But they still didn’t top Roscoes…..and I didn’t expect them to, because NO ONE can top Roscoe’s.

Check out the link about BK here at Yahoo Finance.

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