Cici and Fanny: The Two Best Comebacks (of the moment)


I have to hand it to Ciara and Fantasia….They have combeack full force and I ain’t even mad at them. Now, I’ve never been a diehard fan of either, (which means them headlining any concert would never be enough for me to attend),  but when they come back for their comebacks, they come CORRECT.

Yeah we’ve seen the pic of RiRi supposedly clowning Ciara’s “Body Party” song, but I don’t care what anyone says, the song has been a banger. Sure, Ciara may never reach Miss Vita Coco’s level of fame and influence, but everyone in the industry has their own lane and Cici’s happens to be a hawt, raw, juicy, sexualized track every 24 months.

And onto Fanny Pack…Miss stomping around the stage shoeless, reminescent of Kizzy in Roots-having a baby by someone else’s husband-soul singer had a future that two years ago, looked pretty bleek. But chick came through this year with all of her new flaming burgundy hair glory with “Without Me” featuring the hottest collabo my faves, K. Row and a Missy Elliott cameo (the track would’ve been fine without Missy, but I appreciate her stopping through).

Praise Jesus, for giving these girls the ability to write their own music! We already have enough girls in the industry effing for tracks. I’m not gonna name names, I’ll leave that to Bossip!

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  1. I agree. I learned of this term last winter. I am a more consistent person though too. If i am interested i am not going to use you just for the winter and get rid of you. lol.


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