Video Of The Day: What Happens When You Kill A Donald Trump Supporter…With Kindess

Since today marked the day us registered voters who cared enough to state our party affiliation before the deadline  voted in the New York primaries, I thought it would be more than appropriate to show a video in regards to politics.

Within the first few seconds of the video, you will see the aftermath of anti-Trump protestors after being viciously attacked by his supporters with pepper spray…all because they had opposing views.

Very reminiscent of the scene from Ferguson post Michael Brown’s death….

Take a look below at the stark difference of reaction between Trump supporters vs. Bernie Sanders supporters when offered love from a superfine Free Hugs demonstrator… I think its safe to say, this is the outcome of what happens when people who have never been hugged as children, grow up.

And if you think this video means nothing about the presidential candidates themselves then you, young grasshopper, are ignorantly mistaken. The energy these candidates bring to their rallies, does nothing but inspire their supporters, which in turn is passed onto anyone who they encounter.

The blatant racism and bigotry, peppered in no pun intended with violent, hateful comments spewed out from a number of Trump stans….speaks volumes.

Remember: Who you vote for says a lot about who you are.


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