The New Definition Of “Blended Family”

Hey kids, take a good look at this tweet from 2010…

And little did Dwayne Wade know that 3 years later he’d be wishing his most recent baby’s mother, Aja Metoyer, a happy mother’s day for the rest of her life. BAHAHAHA..

No but really all jokes aside, this isn’t a funny situation. Can someone please tell me what dafuq is in the water these days? Within the last week, not only D-Wade, but Ludacris (truly living up to his name) have come out and admitted to fathering 1 month old babies by women that are NOT their current long-term girlfriends.

And while Dwayne and Luda claim their new family additions were conceived while on “breaks” from their relationships with Gabrielle Union and Eudoxie, it sounds to me like a very convenient explanation to make an otherwise messy situation seem…well… unmessy. I mean it’s not like these dudes went out and adopted puppies.

For anyone that wants to reference the old seasons of “The Game” and say: “Hey Avia, come on, give these guys a chance…this is just like Derwin and Melanie’s situation when he impregnated Janay……”

Please…spare me the comparison.

Sidenote: If you’re a true “Game” head, then you already know Derwin and Melanie were broken up and in new full fledged relationships when he conceived his baby with Janay. And yes- as unfortunate as the timing was, coincidentally, Janay did have to find out she was preggers right when her and Derwin’s relationship dissolved, and he and Melanie were working on theirs. But this is nowhere near the situation had with these two “men”.

One significant difference between this realistic tv situation and the real situation with these fools, is the term being “on a break”. Now a break could be the short term way of expecting an actual break up down the line, but its usual intention usually starts off being a time where both parties need time to:

  • focus on their goals or aspirations without outside stresses from a relationship with plans to reconvene after doing so.


  • reflect on the changes that need to happen with them or within the relationship with plans to reconvene after doing so.

Do you spot the common denominator here?

Now while I’m sure Dwayne and Luda had their own understanding of what a break meant for their situation, I seriously doubt Gabby and Eudoxie were expecting baby shower invites of their boyfriend’s side-line heauxs upon welcoming their men back in with open arms.

The bigger issue is that these men were doing permanent things with temporary women, and permanent actions lead to permanent results such as children.

But UM HELLO, DID ANYONE EVER THINK ABOUT THE PERMANENT RESULT OF AIDS? Everyone is focusing on these children being the end result of the unprotected sex (assuming the condom didn’t so happen to break) and nothing is being said about possible STDS that could’ve been floating around that would have just as much impact on their lives (if not more) if contracted.

At the end of the day, I can’t sit there and point all the fingers at the dudes. There’s also Eudoxie and Gabby to think about with the choices they’ve made since finding out the truth. Some would say “We can’t judge them because we don’t know everything about the situation.”

But hell, I can judge the situation based off the facts I do know. FACT: Those babies are just as real as the fat engagement ring and sparkly diamond bracelet each woman received to help ice their wounds just a few weeks post their births. Coincidental timing? Or does this type of reward seem familiar? *Cue in Kobe’s scandal*

And we can’t say play-stepmom to Dwade’s kids, Gabby at 41, is using her biological clock as a reason for sticking it out because she’s already mentioned before she has no interest in having children of her own. But that also doesn’t mean she should have to subject herself to raising one that wasn’t part of the deal.

I’m sure many women wonder what kind of emotional struggle Gabrielle and Eudoxie went through to finally be able to come to terms with their harsh realities and making the decisions to accept them. Is it all because of love, mixed with the slight (or major) fear of being alone? Or maybe in some twisted way they feel it’s less of a risk dealing with the situation than walking away and cutting their losses?

Here’s some food for thought: What would’ve happened had the tables been turned? What if Gabrielle and Eudoxie had become pregnant by another man (not just any man- another man they’d known for years)? I doubt Gabby would have that rock on her left hand…

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  1. Yes! Preach! I sense some dramaahead for them both. Sucks that had to happen to Gabrielle though.


    • Thanks so much for reading! 🙂 You know what, some would say this situation is Gabby’s karma for her being with D-wade while he was still married. I guess she is the real life “Mary Jane” lol.


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