Will The Real Kanye Please Stand Up?


No but really where you at Kanye? You have shown the world about 300 different personalities all in the course of a few months and I’m really starting to lose respect for you.

Okay I’m exaggerating on the number. But dag, really, what in the world is going on with this negro? Have the stresses of watching the nanny changing little Nori’s diaper at 3am finally gotten to him? Did she spit up her organic formula on one of his leather skants (skirt pants)? What happened two nights ago is kind of confirmation to me that something is up with this dude. Two nights ago, Yeezy gave a weirdo speech rant at Pusha T’s listening Session. Check it below:

Video via Miss Info

I think it says alot that the most liked response to the article Necole Bitchie posted about this is:

He said it’s not about the money but he sells a plain white shirt for $120. He  said they make good music but “Yeezus” was trash. He said he doesn’t represent  the sellouts but has a baby by a white attention whore who was made famous off  of a sex tape. Kanye is a walking  contradiction that used to make good music but now is a man who has issues with  his manhood wearing skirts. I used to be a fan of his but I can’t with him  anymore. He’s let me down with his latest tactics. Back then I didn’t mind the  rants because he made good music but now he’s just annoying

While Kim is actually Armenian not white, I 101% agree on everything else. Here’s another take on his rant:

He’s def talking about drake! Drake’s been marketing these shirts with the #24  on the back. Kanye is like that jealous middle child, who tries to compete with  any other artist JayZ like/respects. JayZ thinks of Drake as one of the best out  now (JayZ proclaimed in so many words) and now Kanye hates Drake! JayZ &  Justin Timberlake did a collabo and was seen together a lot, Kanye took a shot  at JT. Kim K is nothing more than a Beyonce knock-off! The man is obsessed with  JayZ!!

Very intersting observation……

He claimed he was loose off the goose right? Yeah okay, too much liquor makes all people act differently, but dude looks straight up possessed. I guess we could also blame that infamous huge bottle of Henny Kanye toted around on the red carpet of the VMAs that caused him to interrupt Taylor’s acceptance speech? And then get caught saying this sometime after:

(the time this was recorded is unknown, supposedly it was right after the 09′ VMAs, but it could’ve been last year for all we know)

Though Kanye sounds weird, nothing tops how Kardashian brainwashed he sounds as he talks about first meeting Kim in this interview y’all have probably seen from the Kris Jenner show (2:40 mark):

WTF is wrong with your voice Yeezy? And please do share, what bootleg voiceover store you copped your tone from? This whole softer side of Sears persona is so manufactured and EVERYONE can tell.

And you always talk about how the paparazzi can’t steal your joy…

NO ONE believes you Kanye. You need more people. Just look at how your joy was taken from you just a MONTH prior at LAX in July:

He says:

That’s fine but don’t talk…..to me. I don’t want to hear paparazzi talk to me….or anybody I know. No but don’t talk……to me at all, and don’t talk to anyone I know……at all…and tell everybody ….never talk…to anyone.. that anyone knows. Don’t talk to THEMSELVES!- don’t talk ever again.


Okay so I can’t possibly fathom what he must go through on a day to day basis. I have no clue what “stresses of Hollywood” affect his life. Yes, I’m sure paparazzi would annoy the heck out of anyone. But, please Kanye stop acting brand new. You’ve been famous for a decade. This whole paparazzi thing is old news. And now through the birth of North, you’ve chosen to be linked for life to the biggest attention whore in Hollywood, so in turn, your life will forever be on display twice over. For this, I have NO sympathy for you. You’ve made your bed, now lay in it. We won’t even go into these criminal charges against you. Don’t you get it Yeezy? Them getting a bad a reaction from you is better than nothing at all. I urge you, please, take some notes on how Jay deals with fame and this joy “being stolen” will do a 180.

Some may say Kanye has reached a breaking point. I say he’s reached several, and wonder if he ever found proper help for dealing with the loss of his mother. If he hasn’t, then I truly hope he gets that at some point. Honestly, I think Ye is long overdue for a meeting with Iyanla Vanzant. All jokes aside. Dude is angry or bi-polar, and needs to fix himself so he can be the best dad for North he can be.

And on the note of all his rants, I’ma need him to stop being so hypocritical. He comes off as though he thinks he is soo different -that he’s not run by any corporations- that he isn’t creating new slaves– that he is the only celebrity dealing with privacy issues- that he’s the only one misunderstood- that he is so deep and profound- that he did everything first…..the list goes on. What he needs to do is get over himself and make good music. And, if the Yeezus album is any clue into the direction he’s going artistically, then Lord help us all. Hey, at least we’ll still have Big Sean as a replacement.

What are your guys’ thoughts on Kanye?

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