Thirty B4 Thirty: Day 17- Ish My Dad Says- Facebook



So my dad has decided to get on Facebook, so he could reconnect with family members that still live in Chicago, but I haven’t friended him yet. Here’s why:


My Dad: Did you find me on Facebook?

Me: Dad, I’m looking but I’m not gonna be able to find you.

D: I have a profile picture up. It’s black and white.

M: I know, but do you know how many Bill Johnson’s there are on Facebook? I’d be scrolling through like 500,000 of them or more just to find you.

D: Okay, I was just trying to see if you could find me.

M (scrolling): Oh this dude I found looks just like you……but he’s white.

Sidenote: My dad is pretty fair skinned.

D: Oh, *chuckling*  it probably is me.

M: No it isn’t *laughing*. It would be better if you just looked for me since I’m the only Avia you know.

D: The point is not for me to find you, but for you to find me and see my picture…

M: Daaad…it would be easier to find you if we had mutual friends… Are you and Jay (my brother) mutual friends??

D: Yeah…..I think so…. Well, I sent him a friend request…

M: Did he accept it?

D: I doubt it *laughing*

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