Thirty B4 Thirty: Day 15- The 26 Weird Things About Me- Food Edition


I’m sure those of you who have read my blog during this Thirty B4 Thirty series, have found that you’ve learned more about me. And you know what, that’s great. I’m taking these thirty days to write about myself (or whatever else I want) without feeling guilty about it.

So here I will list 26 weird things about me when it comes to food. I know, random post right? If you can relate to any of them feel free to comment below:

1. I can eat a half-gallon of ice cream in 2 days (or less even).

2. When I microwave my food, sometimes I’ll enter in an unusual amount of time. For example, I’ll enter in 2:37 minutes for a plate of food instead of something regular like 2:45 or 3:00 minutes. For some reason I think that anything less is not enough time, and anything more is too much.

3. I don’t like tomatoes (unless they are chopped up) but I like Ketchup. I hate onion rings, but I love Funyuns.

4. I also don’t like grits, or sweet potato pie, or sweet potatoes, or potato salad. Why is this weird? Because “supposedly” most black people like these things.

5. Most of the time when I leave the gym I crave Popeye’s, or Checkers, or some other crazy unhealthy food. Talk about #CounterProductive

6. The video above won’t stop me from eating McDonald’s.

7. I’m a huuuuge carnivore. I love pork chops, steak, cheeseburgers, shrimp, chicken, chicken, and more chicken.

8. When I was younger I didn’t like different kinds of my food on my plate touching. It was so bad that whenever my aunt would have BBQs at her house, she would buy the plates with the dividers in them just for me.

9. I’m better at handling #8 now. There’s even been times where I’ve even mixed all my food on my plate up! #Rebel

10. I can eat cereal all day everyday. My faves are Fruity Pebbles, Capt’n Crunch, Cinnamon Life, Honey Bunches of Oats w/ Almonds and Special K Vanilla Almond.

11. Despite what I said in #10, I cannot eat almonds alone… only chopped up in those cereals.

12. As a matter of fact I don’t like eating nuts, and I haaaaate trail mix. I mean I could just pick the M&Ms out, but they would just taste like the nuts.

13. I can’t eat anything that still has a face on it… like a fish with the head and eyes in tact. This also goes for crawfish. It’s body reminds of a cockroach, so for me to pick it apart just to get a millimeter of meat, is torturous. Yes I’m a huge carnivore, but eating something that is looking at me or looks freakish? I’m good.

14. Bacon and/or cheese makes almost any meal better.

15. I didn’t start eating avocados until late in my life (like 2 years ago). But since I’ve started, there will be random times where I crave them for weeks at a time and the craving won’t go away until I eat some.

16. I also didn’t start cooking until late in my life…right around the time I started eating avocados.

17. I really don’t like cooking.

18. But every time I cook something, I hope I’m one step closer to liking it.

19. I didn’t start eating sushi until I moved to New York, and interned with a fashion designer. Most of her interns were Japanese, so they introduced me to it.

20. I usually don’t drink my drink until after I’m completely done with my meal.

21. I eat in sections, by each food on my plate, instead of simultaneously eating everything together. I dunno why I do it this way. I’ll chalk it up to being the after effects of #8, lol.

22. I only like drinking water out of clear glasses. I like being able to tell if something falls in it.

23. I looovve smoothies, especially making them.

24. I call soft drinks (like Sprite, Coke, Dr. Pepper) pop. Now personally I don’t think this is weird but I guess the majority of America does, because when I say “pop”, everybody looks at me weird, and I then have to explain to them that I was raised in the Midwest. Just because I moved to California afterwards didn’t mean I started saying “soda”. Gotta hold on to my roots!

25.  I have the biggest sweet tooth. Over the years I guess I’ve conditioned my body into thinking it has to have something sweet everyday. I’m not talking candy, I’m talking other carbs like cookies, ice cream, cupcakes, danishes type of sweets…and Little Debbie Snacks omg!! The struggle is rea-ul people!

26. With #25, I honestly should be the size of Gabourey Sidibe… #NotSorry. I just want to thank my mom for my good genes, and myself for my drive to work out frequently.


DAY 15


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