Thirty B4 Thirty: Day 3- When Your Friends Have Kids And You Don’t



I can imagine it now….7 years from now, all my single girlfriends will be married….married with CHILDREN. No longer will we have impromptu trips to Miami or Atlanta (or to the club for that matter). We will have to plan everything. And everything we do plan will revolve around the schedules of babysitters, playdates, and pop warner football games.

Shid… we won’t even be able to have regular catch up phone calls, or recaps of our weekend. Our once fun phone convos will revolve around their little Bebe’s kids. I can envision the conversations going something like this:

Bestie: Heyyyyy girl!

Me: Heyyyy you! Long time no talk…. how have you been?

Bestie: Oh you know, I’ve been hanging in there. I’ve just been busy working, and running around David git down from there! and taking care of these kids.

Me: Aww how are David and Ariana?

Bestie: Girllll, bad as usual. You know David’s 5 now so he’s been talking back lately. He’s been driving me up the wall. And Ariana What did I tell you? Git yo behind down from that table!! Ariana is just getting into everything.

Me (trying to empathize and engage): Hahaha, well you know kids will be kids. Is Ariana walking now?

Bestie: What. DID. I Tell. You??? Boyyyy if you don’t get down…Oh she’s trying to, but not yet. But she’s climbing all over the damn place. But enough about me! How have YOU been?

Me: Oh I’ve been good, working on my book and what not. But girl, I hafta tell you about meeting my boo’s parents for the first time! It was interesting, to say the least.

Bestie: I’m listening, spill it!

Me: So, we drove down to Virginia and had to be there by 8pm because we were meeting them for dinner… but we were running late and hit traffic and it was like a 5 hour drive, so-

Bestie: Avia. Hold on right quick…. Don’t-make-me-count-to-three!….One!…..TWOO……Daviddddd?…..THREE! Okay, you don’t want to listen?! Huh?! Come here. COME.HERE!

(David wailing in the background)

David: 10 points. Me: a big fat zero. You get the jist.

Sidenote: Isn’t it simply amazing how people with kids can start saying a sentence, reprimand their child in the middle of it complete with punishment threats, and continue what they were saying without missing nan a beat? I swear all y’all parents deserve an award. No, really, I tip my hat off to you. Parenting is the most challenging job in the world.

But…let’s just say I’m not looking forward to it. In a perfect world, all of my close friends and I will get married and have kids around the same time, just so that our life changes won’t seem drastic.

Okay I’m being selfish guys…please don’t crucify me! But this is what I think lol. Can’t fault me for keeping it 100.

As I get closer to 30, I promise to continue to savor the child-free moments I have with my friends, and try not to take them for granted.

Do not get me wrong everyone. Kids and babies are by far some of the biggest blessings in life.

But um, then again… so is freedom :- )



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