The Masses Become New Slaves For Kanye


So Yeezus teamed up with high profile brand A.P.C. for a new fashion line which sold out in hours a few weeks ago. The small collection features some really “different” items such as a plain white tee that looks like it came from a Hanes 3-pack for a whopping $120, jeans for $265, and cotton hoodies that look like they’re straight from Uniqlo for the price of a fresh pair of J’s .

“And there’s rich nigga racism That’s that “Come here, please buy more” What you want a Bentley, fur coat and diamond chain? All you blacks want all the same things Used to only be niggas now everybody play me Spending everything on Alexander Wang New Slaves” {excerpt from his song “New Slaves”}

Congratulations Mr. West for successfully luring in and playing your own new slaves…$120 for a white tee? Cotton is supposed to be the fabric of our lives…Really Yeezy? I understand people wanting to support their favorite artist and respect the hustle, but that’s absolutely ridic. I don’t care if it was Jay-Z’s line (and I love me some Hov), you’d never catch me buying a white tee for $120…. Cuz if I spilled my Arizona Mucho Mango on it (which would be bound to happen only when wearing white) that’d be an instant EPIC FAIL.

Pretty hypocritical for Ye to rap about how people are turning into new slaves (ie: slaves to fashion) and then partake in perpetuating the slavery himself. So now ladies and gentlemen, we can not only add “Yeezus” to his million and one list of names, but “Massa” too.

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  1. I definitely agree!!


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