Open Letter: Why I Dislike Scandal….Watchers


Dear Scandal watchers,

I don’t know if you realize this (or even care), but the second-by-second updates you all post as your Facebook statuses not only flood people’s timelines, but kinda ruins it for your west coast friends who have yet to see the show.

And to be frank, that’s pretty rude.

And I know what you’re thinking…..

“It’s not my fault YOU are one of the five people in the world who doesn’t watch the show…If it irks you so much, why don’t you just block me from showing up on your timeline?”

Answer: Because most of you are my friends, and I still want to follow you.

Or you’re probably thinking:

“Why don’t you just not get on Facebook on Thursdays?”


Answer: I’ve tried it, and have no issue doing so….but really, should I have to resort to doing that?

I mean honestly if we could find some sort of happy medium in this situation, that would really make my day. Because let’s keep it real, if somebody who hasn’t had the time to catch up on this clearly captivating series but has all intentions to do so once they find the time doesn’t watch Scandal, they don’t give a rat’s azz about what Huck, Chuck, Quinn, and Linn, Ritz, and Fitz said to Olivia…..And who knows, if said person who has all intentions to watch eventually finally gets around to catching up on the series, you’ve already ruined that opportunity for them.

So….can we minimize the updates? By a smidge?

And if your answer is no, then…DFWU have an idea…

There is a social media outlet that is perfect for these sorts of up-to-the-minute musings…..It’s called Twitter. So why don’t you sign up for an account? It’s free. Here, I’ll put the link:

Then you can hashtag to your heart’s desire.




An Empire, Being Mary Jane, Single Ladies (plus some trashy reality TV which shall remain unnamed) watcher who is an avid proper Facebook user



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  1. They’re rude, period, but more than anything a lot of them seem lonely and a bit delusional. The excessive spoiler tweets and the intense focus on the main fictional couple to the point of online abuse are downright strange. I use to tweet simple Scandal stuff but stopped two years ago. It was like tweeting “that dress looks great on Mellie” then getting replies with people bashing the character like she’s real and she hurts puppies.

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    • “like she hurts puppies” lmao I CANT. What I find truly hilarious is how much people are invested in Olivia’s salacious affair with the president and want her to win in the end….but would never want to actually be cheated on…Oh the fine line between real life and tv…I mean Mary Jane was a mistress (in Being Mary Jane) and even her fans want her to do the right thing!


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