Thirty B4 Thirty: Day 20- Twenty Things I Hated When I Had A Relaxer



I had a relaxer for 20 years y’all. 20 years! From the age of 7 to 27 I was on that creamy crack. My hair was long, thick, and past bra strap level growing up, but I still had #RelaxedGirlProblems. Then a few years ago, I went natural. And there are some times where I think about those relaxed days (I still have my relaxed hair I chopped off in a plastic baggy lol). Yes, I do think about those relaxed days, but you want to know what I never do? I NEVER MISS THEM. And that’s REAL.

So peep the 20 things I hated when I had a relaxer below:

1. My new growth

2. Feeling like my hair was bummy looking when I had new growth

3. Being afraid of my new growth, because I didn’t know how to truly deal with it

4. Always wondering what my natural hair looked like, while letting the creamy crack run my life

5. My hair breaking off

6. My hair breaking off even more when I dyed it jet black

7. How thin my hair felt after a fresh touch up

8. Looking like everyone else

9. Getting bored with my hair

10. Having to rely on going to the salon to get it touched up…

11. Only to leave with scalp burns that would scab up for the week after

12. How long it would take just to get my hair done (I went to the black hair salons that would take all damn dayyyyyyyyy)

13. The lack of body my hair had

14. The squirming feeling I would get when my scalp was on fire because I scratched it prior to my touch up- resulting in…


16. How expensive it was to maintain my hair.

17. How the rain (or any drop of water for that matter) would ruin my hair

18. Semi hating my hair when it wasn’t “salon fresh”

19. How dry my hair would get from the chemicals



And for your viewing pleasure…


DAY 20


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