Thirty B4 Thirty: Day 9- How To Act Like A Lady, Speak Like A Man



There’s a few things that stereotypically, women are known to do, that I don’t do:

I don’t initiate group trips to the bathroom.

I don’t ask the man I’m dating if I look fat in an outfit.

I don’t watch Scandal… Sidenote to all the female Shonda Rimes stans: There is absolutely nothing wrong with watching Scandal. I just fell behind in Season 1, and haven’t found a weekend to devote to catching up on Netflix. So pulllllease don’t come for me.

Okay lol, these are just three things out of a list of many, but that’s a whole nother post.

But there is one thing that I do, that many women are guilty of doing: I say too much.

And I blame it on the fact that I’m a talkative, detail-oriented, curious type by nature. What I mean is that when I talk about something that’s going on in my life, whether it be a situation or how my day went, I tend to go into every detail even if it’s not necessary to the story. And when I’m talking to my girlfriends, it’s okay because heck, they do it too. But when talking to guys, I’ve realized I don’t need to do all that (so you can only imagine the struggle I have of keeping my blog posts concise… haven’t written a post less 500 words in a minute. But I’m sure a man would write this post in one paragraph).

If you ever wanted to know the difference between the way a girl tells a story and the way a guy tells it, just look below.  For the purpose of the example, let’s say a guy and girl are telling the same story to someone about how they went to a club one weekend:

Girl: So we were going to XYZ club, and it was free for girls before 11:30, but we left the house at like 10:50 because right as we were leaving, Jessica’s behind couldn’t find her cell phone. And we called her number, and looked for it everywhere but couldn’t find it because it was on vibrate. Finally, Toni realized she had her purse sitting on top of it…. So we ended up getting there at like 11:25 and the line was down the block! Luckily it was moving, but it was moving sloowwwww, so by the time we got to the front it was 11:31 and they charged us $20 a piece to get in! Like really? Who does that? We were right there at 11:30 but they had held the line right when we were at the front, so we had to pay! I was ready to turn around but it took so much just to get there so we just said “Eff it let’s just pay”. And then when we got in, it was sooo crowded…..

Guy: We went to XYZ club, but we had to paid extra because we got there late, and they were bs’ing with the line. The party was crowded but it was lit.

And they may not even say that much.

See the difference? Guys will tell you the main points of the story in an 1/8th amount of the time it takes some of us girls to. I’ve noticed us ladies just have tendency to add a lot of fluff. Tell every story the way my made up example did, and I assure you, whatever man you’re talking to will start zoning out.

I see the art of storytelling as a meal. The main part of it being the entrée. When I speak, I add the appetizer, drink, dessert, shid…even the condiments to it. And it’s only because I usually like hearing all of that from someone else’s story. But when it comes to men, sometimes all they want is the appetizer. And there’s nothing wrong with giving them just that. Though I realize, it doesn’t have to be all about when I’m talking to men. The way that I see it, making myself more aware of how I speak to certain people is not about censoring myself, but more about knowing how to speak to my audience, which is a talent that can be universally beneficial in just about any situation.
And if you were wondering, this post is 699 words…, I’ll get there.


 DAY 9



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