The Uncalculated Rise of Kelly Rowland


Kelly Rowland has come a LONG way from always being the one to wear the ugliest least attractive outfit amongst her Destiny’s Child peers. (Y’all can’t even front with me on this one. Y’all know daggone well that whenever DC would show up to an awards show, though they came color/fabric coordinated, Mama Tina would create the best outfit style for Beyoncé, then LeToya’s would usually come in 2nd, sometimes tied with LaTavia, and Kelly’s would always come last. And when DC became 3, Michelle was the new kid on the block and Kelly had paid her dues. So by default Kelly’s outfits got better. Y’all know exactly what I’m talking about.) See below for examples to back up my point:


Why Kelly gotta be the only one covered up…hmmm?


Again, Kelly covered up again…why is she the only one with the unsexy pajama look?


But I DIGRESS in the most major way possible…


Call me a Kelly Rowland Stan right now.  Like for real.  And not just because she has the best weave and abs in the game. This chick isn’t ranked seventh on Peoples current Most Beautiful in the World list for nothing. And I know what y’all are thinking… You’re either thinking “hell yeah she’s tight!” or “she’s cool….but she’s not Beyonce”.

Well you are right either way. She’s not Beyonce, and that’s exactly why she’s tight. She doesn’t need to be #1 on Vanity Fair’s Power Elite list to win in my book. Below, I will map out the 3 things that assisted in the uncalculated rise of Kelendria Trene Rowland:

1. EDM:

Like Ne-yo, Usher, and Rihanna, Kelly came and did her stint with electronic dance music and succeeded. Songs like “Commander” opened the flood gates for a more diverse fan base especially in Europe. She made crossover international songs. If she wasn’t on people’s radars before, she was after that.

2. “Motivation”:

From the moment I heard this track I didn’t know who was singing, it but I knew it was a guaranteed hit. It was the most highly sensual, tantalizing musical aphrodisiac of 2011. And once I found out it was Kelly? I was pleasantly surprised. While her EDM had universal appeal, this to me was her official come up track for us here in the states. This track put her on. Everyone grinded to it in the club. “Thugs” on my block had that bass bumpin like it was a hard Jeezy or Ghostface Killah joint. And the joint was hard, hard R&B. And we won’t even go into her performance of it on the 2011 BET Awards. KILLT it.
3. Her 2013 Grammy Dress by Georges Chakra Couture:
Even if you didn’t see this the last Grammy Awards, you’ve seen this dress. There are simply no words to even describe it.
The Grammys Best Dressed2
The black, the architectural sheer paneling and chic cut outs in EV-ER-Y right place…there’s nathan I would’ve changed about it. And honestly I still want that dress……Where would I wear it to? Shee-id, who cares… I’d be the best dressed person there (and I’d cop me one in white and wear it to my wedding)! If I was a star attending the Grammy’s earlier this year, seeing Kelly in that dress would make me turn my azz right back around and go home to watch the show from my living room because she shat on every single girl there. Call me crazy, but this dress, was singlehandedly the cherry and sprinkles on top of her come up success. It sealed the deal and made things official. I mean the girl made Beyonce look like she was attending a luncheon at the Hilton.

Okay well her outfit already looked luncheon ready. But as a result, Baddie Bey’s stans lusted after Kelly for once, and probably felt guilty about it.
It’s about damn time others are noticing the appeal of K. Row too…Ludacris, Future, Pusha T, Fantasia, and The Dream, amongst others know what’s up. Most tracks you hear out right now are featuring Kelly more than any other woman in R&B, not to mention her new gig as a judge on X Factor. Shid, she deserves to be one… anyone who escaped the Mathew Knowles slave chamber business machine and found enough success to not feel like they are in Bey’s anyone’s shadow is a survivor (no pun intended). And despite what Keshia Cole says, that includes Michelle too, lol.
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